2020 AWA Membership Rates

Clubs joining the AWA have the option to register their members and club activities under the AWA insurance policy coverage. For clubs that have insurance through another provider, individual membership coverage is not required. But members not registered with the AWA will have to pay the AWA Individual Membership Fee of $15.00 for any AWA/ASCK/AFKA event they attend.

We do want to know which members are kayakers or C-1 paddlers, so we can better represent your interests with government and others. Please list all members who are whitewater paddlers in the database.

Membership Categories Rates
AWA Club Membership $120 / club
AWA Membership for individuals within an AWA club $5.00/person
AWA Event Membership (For AWA Insured Events e.g. Kanfest, 3 Rivers WW Rendezvous, Alberta Cup races, AFKA competitions, Provincials) $15/person
Individual Membership- joining the AWA via a club is encouraged, but if there is no club in your community, individual membership is available. This gets you membership for all AWA insured events and competitions, such as Kanfest, 3 Rivers WW Rendezvous, Alberta Cup races, AFKA Throwdowns and Provincials. $15/person