Bylaws of the Alberta Whitewater Association

The Alberta Whitewater Association was incorporated on June 6, 1972 and has been an active Not-for-Profit Society in Alberta in good standing since that time. Attached are the most recent bylaws of the Association that govern the Association's activities. 

ByLaws - AWA 2014 filed.pdf

AWA Bylaw cover page.pdf

Some of the highlights from the Bylaws:

  • There are 3 classes of membership (Clubs, Individuals, Commercial Enterprises) The Clubs are the only voting members
  • An Annual General Meeting must be held before March 30 each year. Notice of the AGM must be sent out 21 days prior to the members. 
  • Quorum at the AGM shall be 25% of the Voting Members. If Quorum is not present within 60 minutes of the set time, the meeting will proceed with the members present.  
  • The Board of Directors govern and manage the affairs of the Society. The Board includes the Executive Committee:
    • President                 (elected in even years)
    • Vice President         (elected in odd years)
    • Secretary                 (elected in even years)
    • Treasurer                 (elected in odd years)

and the Directors responsible for: 

  • Communications and Marketing (elected in even years)
  • Facilities and Environment         (elected in odd years)
  • Education and Leadership           (elected in even years)
  • Recreation Development             (elected in even years)
  • Director at Large                         (elected in odd years)

and a Discipline Director from:

  • Canoe Polo (appointed by Alberta Canoe Polo Assoc.)
  • Freestyle (appointed by Alberta Freestyle Kayak Assoc)
  • Slalom (appointed by Alberta Slalom Canoe Kayak Assoc)
  • Board Meetings shall be held each month at a time and date determined by the Board
  • Meetings may be held by conference call or in person 
  • A majority of Board Members or Committee Members present at a meeting constitutes a quorum
  • Meetings are open to any Members of the Society, but only Board members are eligible to vote. Members are only permitted to participate in a discussion when invited to do so.