About AP


The Alberta Playboaters League (AP) was formed and registered as a society in 2020. The mission of AP is to cultivate the sport to maximize the enjoyment of each participant and produce a positive impact on Alberta.

What is Playboating? It is a splashy sport, an acrobatic display and a river dance, all at once. You can think of it as paddling with extra flare and zing. The focus is placed more on the tricks performed rather than the difficulty of the whitewater. In fact, you don't need whitewater to have fun playboating. Sound challenging? It is. Best of all, it is incredibly fun!  

So, what is Freestyle? Freestyle describes the standard approach used in competitive playboating. Freestyle is a competition in which there are as few restrictions as possible. Within our sport lingo, the terms Freestyle and Playboating are often used interchangeably. To quote Doug Ford "There is no confusion here". 

Details about the Alberta Playboaters League

- is an affiliate organization to the Alberta Whitewater Association (AWA)

- works in concert with two partner organizations, Alberta Slalom Canoe and Kayak (ASCK) and Alberta Canoe Polo Association (ACPA) to support the whitewater disciplines

- has a province-wide mandate to nurture a regenerative recreational community, youth development and high performance development

- has no source of ongoing funding at this time and is completely a volunteer initiative

AP League is still in a forming phase and we could use your help. If you are interested in volunteering, even just a few hours, please send us an email to admin@albertaplayboaters.ca