Recreational Paddling

Join the growing numbers of Recreation paddlers trying out and enjoying a variety of skills and challenges with River Rendezvous weekends and Multi-discipline clinic/competition weekends. Recreation paddlers are learning to appreciate the beauty of our Alberta Rivers and the environment. Learning the difference between a ‘down gate’ and an ‘up gate’. Trying their version of a ‘flat spin’ and coming to appreciate the athletes who dedicate so much time to perfecting their skills - some competing at National, International and Olympic levels.

 Alberta Whitewater Clubs offer:

  • Flatwater lessons to advanced river skills
  • River Rendezvous/Whitewater Festival weekends on all Classes of Alberta Rivers
  • Slalom Kayaking clinics and races from Novice to Advanced
  • Freestyle clinics, Festivals and Rodeos for all skill levels
  • Downriver and Wildwater Races for everyone

Come out and join the fun. Learn a new skill at a Novice Clinic. Try a new waterway at a River Rendezvous or Whitewater Festival. From slow water fun to big water thrills – Alberta is the place to paddle!

Contact an AWA Club for more information, or our Recreation Discipline Chair:

  • Recreation South - Carl Scheuerman