Starting a kayak club

The AWA has prepared some information to assist you in starting a club, what you need to know about getting the club registered and what services and benefits the AWA can provide in building a successful kayaking program for your community. 

What kind of a paddling club do you want to start. Is it a social club for adults to paddle with or oriented to youth or competition. Download this document that gives some insight into paddling in Alberta, our clubs and how they are set up.  So you want to start a kayak club.pdf

Should you incorporate the club as a society and what are the steps. This government document tells you why you should form a Non-Profit Society to protect you and your family.   Societies Info.pdf

These three documents walk you through the government's process to form a society and what the fees will be. You will not be eligible to form a charity but you can form a society.
NUANS Reports.pdf

Club Incorporation Fees.pdf

You will need to develop a set of Objects and Bylaws for your Club. There are templates on the government websites but these two templates are built for paddling clubs and have been approved in the past by Alberta Corporate Registries and the Alberta Gaming & Liquor Commission. If you need these pdf files in a Word Doc. file to fill out, please contact the AWA office to have them sent to you
Club Registration Form.pdf

XXX Club Society Objects.pdf

XXX Club Bylaws 2015.pdf

Lastly we want to encourage your club to become affiliated with the rest of the whitewater clubs in Alberta and take advantage of the services and programs that we can offer to you and the members in your club. Take a look at this document to see what we can offer you.

If this appeals to you then we would welcome your application to become a member of the Alberta Whitewater Association. Membership applications are vetted by the AWA Executive Director and then approved by the AWA Board of Directors. You will need to submit your Objects, Bylaws, Membership List, and the New Club Application form

Why your Club should join the AWA (2015).pdf

New Club Application.pdf