Vision and Mission Statement


The Alberta Whitewater Association will broadly represent whitewater paddling across Alberta through a network of paddling clubs and disciplines that support recreational paddling and slalom, wildwater, freestyle and canoe polo competition.


Mission Statement

The Alberta Whitewater Association (AWA), a non-profit society, is the provincial sport governing organization for Alberta that promotes, strengthens, and builds canoe and kayak paddling as both a recreational and competitive activity. AWA achieves this by providing:

-       educational, training and certification programs

-       encouragement and support to leaders, paddlers, coaches, officials, and volunteers

-       support to whitewater competitive sport disciplines of Slalom, Downriver, Canoe Polo, and Freestyle paddling

-       environmental advocacy for whitewater rivers, development of whitewater facilities, and access to rivers

-       recreational paddling, festivals and events

-       support for the development and growth of member clubs