Dale & Darryl O'Brien's 70th Birthday

This is a big shout out to the June 27th Birthday Boys, Dale and Darryl O'Brien on their 70th. The O'B's have been at the forefront in building whitewater paddling in Alberta through many different generations and paddling formats. From slalom and wildwater K-1's and then C-2's and then Canoe Polo, Dale and Darryl have done it all and at an elite level for 45 years here in Alberta and around the world. The boys have been the hub of the Edmonton Whitewater Paddlers teaching and training Edmonton's paddlers, and Obeco Industries manufacturing boats and paddles, and the Alberta Whitewater Association racing and educational system, and Alberta Canoe Polo Association's competitive programs. We all owe a huge debt of gratitude to their commitment to whitewater sport. Thank you Dale and Darryl.