ASCK Covid-19 Plan - April 18

ASCK – COVID-19 Policy & considerations

Effective March 16 – Expiry to be determined by the board

Safety of Staff - Safety of Athletes - Safety of Community


Out-of-country Travel – Following Government of Canada recommendations. No nonessential

travel. At this time ASCK will not send staff on any out-of-country trip.

Any ASCK employee or athlete travelling out of country for any reason, must follow the

isolation protocol. Staff will not be paid for that isolation, if due to personal out-ofcountry

travel. Athletes will not receive any in-person coaching, during any isolation


Within Canada Travel – Follow Government of Alberta recommendations

Staff travel out of province must approved by the board until the board sees fit

to retract this policy

Vehicle transport – ASCK passenger transport is suspended at this time. Athletes will

have to get to any training on their own.


Implement social distancing – 2m

Athletes attend training at their own risk

All Program athletes can still receive in-person training:

With no more than three people in an indoor setting (this may change and is subject to staff and athletes' risk assesment of individual activities)

Up to six athletes in an outdoor setting (matches on-water coaching ratio)

We will move most training to home-based, video-conferencing, for the time being


Following City of Calgary recommendations at event time

Training opportunities

All gyms are closed. Each of our program athletes has access to a paddling erg. In the

event we need an additional one, there is the large one we can still pull from WinSport


We have developed a home-based training program. We will be encouraging athletes to

share their workouts to encourage others


Kananaskis is starting to run at reasonable hours

Bow River – Open below Glenmore

Harvie Passage – Likely to open late due to ice on river. Unknow what the facility will be

considered with regard to the City’s/Province’s COVID-19 plans