Training Programs
October 2018 to September 2019

ASCK is continuing to adapt programs to best meet the needs of slalom paddlers in our province within the resources available to the Society.

From 2017/2018's Winter Training program, several athletes are ready to graduate into the HP program. We have also developed an HP Lite Program to support developmental athletes living outside of Calgary or those looking for a year-round entry point to High Performance.

  • See the ASCK Program Features Summary to understand what services are included in each program.
  • See detailed information for each program by clicking on the Program name in the table below.
  • See the ASCK Programs General Info for guidelines that apply to all the programs as well as:

o   2018-2019 Camps and Races

o   Canadian Sport for Life information

  •  Forms - new forms need to be filled out each season.


 Please contact the ASCK Head Coach for detailed information about the features of each of the programs and predicted annual costs (including camps) for your athlete. Mike Holroyd would be happy to answer your questions by phone or email ( ). Or meet him for a cup of coffee!



Kayaking is your life. You love training and competing and you want to win!      

Its the High Performance Program for you. 

You love Slalom but you don't live in Calgary OR do live in Calgary but don't have 6 days a week to train with the group.

High Performance Lite makes sense..

You love seeing your kayak friends once a month and want some guidance on how to start training for kayaking.

The Winter Training Program fits perfectly. 

Nothing can tie you down! ...but you really like kayaking so you kayak when you have time.

Drop Ins work best.


Where is the best value?

ASCK programs are subsidized to a significant degree. The best value can be found in the comprehensive programs (HPP and HP Lite). The Drop-In program though the best fit for some is the least cost effective program, offers limited services, and availability of space is not guaranteed.


ASCK Program Summary




# of days/ mo


High Performance (HPP)

$1800 (reduced from $2200 on a trial basis)

12 months

Oct 1 to Sept 30


(Calgary based)

Most comprehensive.

HP Lite



12 Months

Oct 1 to Sept 30

Unlimited Camps


2 HP sessions
per week

(cannot be banked)

Same as HP, with fewer daily sessions.


Designed for athletes not living in or near Calgary or someone working up to full time training.

Winter Training Program (WTP)




7 months


Oct 1, to Apr 30

Each month:

      1 group session 

      1 session in region

Many benefits
20% discount on camps & drop-in sessions

See ASCK Training Group Status in the General Info document.

Monthly Drop In



Payable at the start of the month

2 sessions/week with main training group

Designed as an option for Calgary and area paddlers already participating in WTP.

Drop In



$50 Premium for
National Team Trials Camp


Contact Us:

For Program Information:  Mike Holroyd at

For questions related to Athlete Invoicing: Bridget at

The Board of Directors is always keen to hear from paddlers and their families. Please see contact information for ASCK Board members at the ASCK website.