For Teachers and Schools

The Makadiff Sports Group helped the AWA reach out beyond our clubs to communities that wanted to train their lifeguards to teach kayaking in their swimming pools. This video profiles our success in 2016-17 to expand into school physical education programs as part of the school curriculum.

These documents will provide useful information about why kayaking is an important physical activity for your students.  There is a helpful curriculum guides for school classrooms that you can adopt easily for your class. If you as a teacher want to be trained to teach kayaking - look under the Education Page for the Instructor Manuals and information about becoming certified.

Schools in Pools - Kayaking.pdf

Kayaking Unit Activities & Assessments.pdf

Kayak 4 Life (Feb. 9 2013).pdf

Alberta Education safety plans 2014.pdf

Go to this link to get a video on kayaking and the benefits for children to get into a kayak before the age of 10 for physical literacy and boating safety.

Kayak for life promo video

Kayak for Life video

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