The Board of Directors blends both Operational and Governance styles to fulfill their mandate to manage the affairs of the Association. Meetings are held via electronic mediums once a month or as necessary for the committees.

The AWA maintains a balance of revenues to fund its operations. Government funding accounts for 35% of the annual operating budget of $150,000. Casino revenues and donations make up 30% and program fees and memberships account for the remaining 35%. The disciplines of slalom and canoe polo have similar financial profiles.

The AWA’s membership consists of individual paddlers that can join the Association independently and members that join through a paddling club. Only paddling clubs have voting rights within the AWA. There are 18 paddling clubs in Alberta scattered from the Crowsnest Pass to the Slave River and Grande Prairie to Lethbridge across all 8 zones.

Sport Governance Model.pdf

AWA & Discplines v2015.pdf

AWA Board

 AWA Board


Sara Jordan

Vice President
Matthew Corbet

Jamie Hennessey

Darrel Wiebe

Director of Facilities & Environment
Andrew Dowman

Director Marketing & Communication
Simon Gibson

Director of Paddler Development
Mark Taylor

Director - Recreation
Connie Doran-Wu

Director at Large
Lee Green

Discipline Chairs

Slalom Representative
Jeffrey Boyd

Freestyle Representative
Brandon Willms

Canoe Polo Representative
Rhodri Howley

AWA Staff

Executive Director
Michael Holroyd

ASCK Head Coach

Schools in Pools Coordinator
Lori Davis

The AWA Annual General Meeting is held in February. Check the Events calendar for the exact date or email for more information.The AWA Board meets on the 3rd Monday of each month, via e-conference / phone. If members have anything they would like brought up at a board meeting, please email Mike Holroyd, Executive Director.

Meeting Minutes

Monthly meeting minutes will be posted here once approved:

September 21, 2020

October 19, 2020

November 16, 2020

January 18, 2021

March 22, 2021

May 17, 2021


The Alberta Whitewater Association was incorporated on June 6, 1972 and has been an active Not-for-Profit Society in Alberta in good standing since that time. Attached are the most recent bylaws of the Association that govern the Association's activities. 

ByLaws - AWA 2014 filed.pdf

AWA Bylaw cover page.pdf

Some of the highlights from the Bylaws:

  • There are 3 classes of membership (Clubs, Individuals, Commercial Enterprises) The Clubs are the only voting members
  • An Annual General Meeting must be held before March 30 each year. Notice of the AGM must be sent out 21 days prior to the members. 
  • Quorum at the AGM shall be 25% of the Voting Members. If Quorum is not present within 60 minutes of the set time, the meeting will proceed with the members present.  
  • The Board of Directors govern and manage the affairs of the Society. The Board includes the Executive Committee:
    • President                 (elected in even years)
    • Vice President         (elected in odd years)
    • Secretary                 (elected in even years)
    • Treasurer                 (elected in odd years)

and the Directors responsible for: 

  • Communications and Marketing (elected in even years)
  • Facilities and Environment         (elected in odd years)
  • Education and Leadership           (elected in even years)
  • Recreation Development             (elected in even years)
  • Director at Large                         (elected in odd years)

and a Discipline Director from:

  • Canoe Polo (appointed by Alberta Canoe Polo Assoc.)
  • Freestyle (appointed by Alberta Freestyle Kayak Assoc)
  • Slalom (appointed by Alberta Slalom Canoe Kayak Assoc)
  • Board Meetings shall be held each month at a time and date determined by the Board
  • Meetings may be held by conference call or in person 
  • A majority of Board Members or Committee Members present at a meeting constitutes a quorum
  • Meetings are open to any Members of the Society, but only Board members are eligible to vote. Members are only permitted to participate in a discussion when invited to do so. 


Vision and Mission Statement


The Alberta Whitewater Association will broadly represent whitewater paddling across Alberta through a network of paddling clubs and disciplines that support recreational paddling and slalom, wildwater, freestyle and canoe polo competition.

Mission Statement

The Alberta Whitewater Association (AWA), a non-profit society, is the provincial sport governing organization for Alberta that promotes, strengthens, and builds canoe and kayak paddling as both a recreational and competitive activity. AWA achieves this by providing:

  • educational, training and certification programs
  • encouragement and support to leaders, paddlers, coaches, officials, and volunteers
  • support to whitewater competitive sport disciplines of Slalom, Downriver, Canoe Polo, and Freestyle paddling
  • environmental advocacy for whitewater rivers, development of whitewater facilities, and access to rivers
  • recreational paddling, festivals and events
  • support for the development and growth of member clubs

Core Values 

We value… 

  • teamwork, commitment, and fair play 
  • personal growth and character development 
  • striving for personal excellence 
  • a leading edge, science-based approach to instruction and training in accordance with the LTPD model 
  • healthy, constructive parental engagement and involvement 
  • a healthy, safe, and fun environment 
  • an ethical and respectful culture 
  • open, honest, timely, and transparent communication 
  • collaboration in everything we do 
  • environmentally responsible operations and policies 

Current Strategic Plan

As part of our responsibility as a Provincial Sport Governing Organization (PSO) the Alberta Whitewater Association generates an annual 3 year Strategic Plan each year.

AWA SP 2019-2021.pdf 

Policies and Proceedures

Annual General Meeting Minutes, Reports and Agendas

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  • Coach Canada
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