Alberta Aquatic Invasive Species Considerations


Province of Alberta Inspection Stations and Recommendations

Prevention practice - from  Alberta Environment

"Always follow these steps to help prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species and diseases:


  • Inspect and clean all watercraft, trailer and gear after every adventure.
    • Remove all mud, sand, water and plant traces before leaving the shoreline.
  • Rinse, scrub or pressure wash your boat, kayak or canoe and gear on dry land away from storm water drains, ditches or waterways. Do not use a local carwash – if invasive species are present, you could unknowingly introduce them as the water from the carwash is released into the environment.


  • On land, before leaving the waterbody, drain all water from:
    • internal compartments (ie ballasts, bilges and livewells)
    • bait buckets
    • coolers
    • life jackets and other gear
  • Raise and lower outboard engines several times to ensure all water has drained out.
  • Drain non-motorized watercraft by inverting or tilting the watercraft, opening compartments and removing seats if necessary.

Pull the plug! It's the law

In Alberta, it is illegal to transport your watercraft with the drain plug still in place, as outlined under subsection 6.1 of the provincial Fisheries Ministerial Regulation.


  • Dry the watercraft and gear completely between trips and allow the wet areas of your boat to air dry
  • Leave compartments open and sponge out standing water.

Quick Facts

National Park Self Certification

You are now required to Clean-Drain-Dry your equipment going into Banff, Yoho, Kootenay and Waterton National Parks and obtain a Self-Certification Permit.

Mountain Parks Overview and FAQs

-- Dry all watercraft, stand up paddleboards and any aquatic recreational equipment completely and for 48 hours before entering any river, lake or stream.

or  Dry for a minimum of 30 days after being used in the United States or provinces other than British Columbia, Alberta, Yukon and/or the Northwest Territories before entering any river, lake or stream 

It is mandatory to:

     Obtain a self-certification permit for non-motorized watercraft and water recreational gear in Banff National Park

Banff specific restrictions -…

     Download and Print the Self Certification Permit

Waterton specific restrictions -…


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