Passports for Paddlesports

The Passports for Paddlesports providesĀ easy to understand, graphic illustrations of the technical skills, safety awareness, environmental understanding and mental comprehension for whitewater paddling.

Starting with the FUNdamentals skills in F1, F2 and F3 the Passports provide a step by step progression from warm water to open water with no current. Each of these steps will take 1 to 2 hours to learn and a lifetime to master.

The Developmentals skills in the D1, D2 and D3 Passports showcase the skills and learning steps to progress through moving water up to Grade II rivers. The Developmentals program corresponds to theĀ  "Learn to Train" stage of the Long Term Athlete Development model.. Each of these steps will take 1-2 days to work on and a season to become competent.Ā 

The T1, T2 and T3 Passports show the variety of sport within whitewater and encourages paddlers to explore the different opportunities within theĀ Disciplines of Recreational Paddling, Slalom and Downriver Racing, Canoe Polo and Freestyle competitions. This is the Transformation stage of whitewater paddling, where developing paddlers make decisions on which discipline they are most interested in pursuing.Ā  This stage corresponds to the "Train to Train" phase of the Long Term Athlete Development model. Each step in this phase will take several days to complete and another season of paddling to master.Ā 

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Each of the Passport steps from Fundamentals to Developmentals to Transformations corresponds to one of the levels in CanoeKayak Canada's Ā NCCPĀ  Leadership Development Framework.

The Pool and Lake Instructor will be trained and certified to instruct the FUNdamentals in the Pool or on the Lake.Ā 

The River Instructor 2 will be trained and certified to teach the Developmentals on Class I and II rivers.

The Whitewater Instructor 3 will be trained and certified to teach on Class III rivers.

The Whitewater Intro Coach is trained and certified to coach the basics of all 4 competitiveĀ disciplines.Ā 

The Whitewater Dev Coach is trained and certified to coach in specific disciplines for Slalom, Downriver, Canoe Polo or Freestyle.Ā 

If you are interested in pursuing the pathway into instruction or coaching, look at the webpage for Education on this websiteĀ

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