AWA Annual General Meeting

Sunday, January 29, 2017 - 10:00am to 4:30pm

Event Item:

2017 Annual General Meeting

Conservation Room Upstairs in the Bass Pro Shop, Iron Mills Shopping Centre            112-261055 Cross Iron Blvd
- Just north of Calgary on Hwy 2,  Rocky View , AB T4A0G3
10:00 AM   Coffee and muffins
10:15 AM   Introductions and Morning Discussions    President
10:15 AM   Facilities - Harvie Passage restoration      M Taylor/C Lee
10:30 AM   Canoe Meadows campground                   Exec Director
10:45 AM   Schools in Pools - Kayak for Life               Lori Davis
11:00 AM   Membership Review                                  Secretary
11:15 AM        Break
11:30 AM   Schedule of Festivals, Races and Events    Rec Director
11:45 AM   Leaders & Instructors                                Ed. Director
12:00 PM        - Lunch -
1:00 PM     AWA Annual General Meeting -
1:05 PM     Agenda Review and Approval                    President
1:15 PM     Past AGM Minutes and Approval                Secretary
1:30 PM     Financial Reports and Approval                 Treasurer
1:50 PM     Club Reports                                             Clubs
2:20 PM     Executive's Reports                                   Executive
2:40 PM     Director's Reports                                     Chairs
3:00 PM          Break
3:15 PM     Executive Director's Report                       Exec Director
3:30 PM     Business from previous meetings              President
                      1. Membership Rates
                      2. Alberta Sport Connection Tier funding

3:40 PM     New Business
4:00 PM     Elections
                      1. Vice President
                      2. Treasurer
                      3. Faciities & Environment
                      4. Director at Large

The AWA will have vacant volunteer positions on its board of directors in 2017. Volunteering with the AWA is fun and rewarding, it also looks great on your resume! Having good board members is essential to help the sport of paddling grow and develop in Alberta, and to build and maintain paddling infrastructure like the Kananaskis whitewater park and Harvie passage. It is vital to the future of our sport that we have passionate paddlers on the AWA board. As a UAPSer, I know there are such people in our clubs who would be willing to help out!

There are three positions open on the AWA board come January 29th. Firstly, the treasurer position will be vacant, Giffin was the previous AWA treasurer who has done an awesome job, however he will not be seeking re-election. This year we are transitioning to a cloud based accounting system, which will make life easier for the treasurer. The treasurer needs to spend about 1 hour per week volunteering, and the AWA meets for a monthly hour-long conference call. Additionally, the AWA board will have vacant member at large and secretary positions which are less of a time commitment. The member-at-large would be helping launch a new AWA newsletter by writing an article or two about current events in Alberta paddling and figuring out how to use mail chimp to distribute the publication to members. The secretary is primarily responsible for organizing the AWA google drive folder and keeping meeting minutes. 

This year the AWA has some important projects going on including finishing work on the Kananaskis, collaborating with the City of Calgary with the reconstruction of Harvie passage, and continuing to support kayaking festivals and the slalom and canoe polo disciplines. If you are interested in any of these positions please let me know at Elections occur at the AWA AGM on Sunday, January 29th. If you want to know more about the AWA before committing please get in touch or check out

Happy new year!

Kurtis Broda

President, AWA