Certification Fees

Many of the leadership courses are offered as a combination Leadership and Instruction certification. Leaders, Instructors and Coaches may take multiple courses in a calendar year.

When an individual takes multiple courses in one calendar year, the Certification Fees collected will be to a maximum of $120 in the year. An example of this would be if Joe Paddler takes a Lake Kayak Instructor 1 in the spring and then does their Swiftwater Rescue in the summer and a River Kayak Leader 2 in the fall, then Joe would pay $120 in certification fees for the first course and no other fees for the other two courses. They would still have to pay the regular overhead and facilitator costs for each course but they would not have to pay the National/Provincial fees again.

Fees include provincial and national certification fees.

 Course Duration  Fee Exclusions
 Pool Kayak Instructor  8 hrs  $90  1,2,3
Lake Kayak Instructor  8 hrs  $120  2,3
 Combination Pool and Lake  Kayak Instructor  2 days  $120  1,2,3
 Swiftwater Rescue and Safety  2.5 days  $60  2,3
 River Leader 2  1.5 days  $90  2
 River Kayak Instructor 2  1.5 days  $120  2,3
 Combination River Leader & Instructor 2 (AWA & NCCP Level 2)  2.5 days  $120  2,3
 Whitewater Leader 3  1.5 days  $90  2,3
 Whitewater Instructor 3  1.5 days  $120  2,3
Combination Whitewater Leader & Instructor 3  2.5 days  $120  2,3
Canoe/Kayak Whitewater Coach Intro 2.5 days $120 2,3
Canoe/Kayak Whitewater Slalom Coach Development 2.5 days $120 2,3


  1. Does not include pool costs 3 hours of pool rental or clean, warm swimming water required, local host organization is best suited to make this booking.
  2. Does not include advertising, administration, travel, accommodation or meal costs for running a course that may be charged by the service provider.
  3. Does not include Learning Facilitator fees.
Payment for Certification Fees can be made to your Learning Facilitator, Host Organization or directly online to the AWA. To pay your fees online go to:
  • Government of Alberta
  • Coach Canada
  • La Farge
  • AQ Logo small