Safe Sport Disclosure Form


Safe Sport Self Disclosure Form Questions


Note: Failure to disclose truthful information below may be considered an intentional omission and the loss of volunteer responsibilities or other privileges

1. Have you been convicted of a crime?
If so,  please complete the following information for each conviction. 
2. Have you ever been disciplined or sanctioned by a sport governing body or by an independent body
(e.g., private tribunal, government agency, etc.) or dismissed from a coaching or volunteer position? If so, please complete the following information for each disciplinary action or sanction. 
3. Are criminal charges or any other sanctions, including those from a sport body, private tribunal or government agency, currently pending or threatened against you?
If so, please complete the following information for each pending charge or sanction. 

PRIVACY STATEMENT By completing and submitting this Screening Disclosure Form, I consent and authorize the Alberta Whitewater Association to collect, use and disclose my personal information, including all information provided on the Screening Disclosure Form as well as my Enhanced Police Information Check and/or Vulnerable Sector Check (when permitted by law) for the purposes of screening, implementation of the Screening Policy, administering membership services, and communicating with National Sport Organizations, Provincial Sport Organizations, Divisions, Discipline-Specific Provincial Sport Organizations, Clubs, and other organizations involved in the governance of sport. Alberta Whitewater Association and its Members do not distribute personal information for commercial purposes.

CERTIFICATION I hereby certify that the information contained in this Screening Disclosure Form is accurate, correct, truthful and complete. I further certify that I will immediately inform Alberta Whitewater Association or the Member (as applicable) of any changes in circumstances that would alter my original responses to this Screening Disclosure Form. Failure to do so may result in the withdrawal of volunteer responsibilities or other privileges and/or disciplinary action.

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