Harvie Passage Hoe-Down

Saturday, September 21, 2019 - 12:00am

Event Item:


The Waterwerks Kayak Club & Aquabatics host the Harvie Passage Hoe Down! 

A great end-of-summer event for junior paddlers happening September 21st. Race to the finish line or show off your freestyle skills to win some great prizes! 

10am: Creek Race

This fun race will involve racing your creek boat down the right side through a set course.

1pm: Fun Freestyle

This relaxed event will have paddlers playing a game of "Horse" only we will use the word “LOOP”. Participants will work their way through a list of increasingly more difficult moves. When you can’t make a move, you earn a letter. Once you spell "LOOP" you are out. Last one standing wins.

To register and find event schedule, please follow the link here

See you there!