Harvie Passage Open - Modified training sessions

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It's On! Sort of. Rather than a race, we're going with skill based training runs in order to follow provincial health guidelines. 


June 7 We will have low key, fun training aimed at getting out for a few timed runs.

 10-2 in time slots

Harvie Passage Open Slalom Race


Please go onto this spreadsheet and leave a comment in a time spot. It will just show up as a yellow triangle until we confirm your name and membership status.

Register for a Time Slot


Each day's cost is $5. In lieu of payment, please go to Kids Cancer Care https://www.kidscancercare.ab.ca/donation-page?donation=167 and donate the $5 in honour of 9yr old Loic Germaine (microgrom paddler) who is currently battling with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML). 

Covid Regulations:

  - We will have a maximum of 6 participants on site (on the water or watching) at any one time. 

  - Athletes must be within their comfort zone to paddle in the Low Water Channel on the day. We will have rescue gear, but we want to keep competitors and staff safe and minimize any possible infractions of the 2m guidelines. Parental on-water safety is allowed and encouraged.

  - We will have one timer, and are happy if one parent per session is also interested for safety. 

  - Parents are welcome to attend, but it is important to stay spaced out. 

  - Even if you are from the same family, on the water we ask that you remain spaced out, as public will not know your affiliation.

  - Please no boat sharing. If it is absolutely necessary, you will need to go in a different group, and proper cleaning will need to be shown to us between.


Please ensure you are an AWA member and you will need to have signed the latest version of the AWA waiver (May 2020, we will have some on-site).


Further instructions for the day will be sent to participants 2 days before. Any changes to the provincial health situation or water levels will be taken into account.


Please let us know if you have any questions! Mike



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