Kananaskis Facility Closures

Alberta Parks met with the Alberta Whitewater Association and the commercial operators on Wednesday, February 26 to discuss their plans for the renovation work that will be occurring this spring at Widowmaker and Canoe Meadows.

Their plan is to:

  1. Close all access to Widowmaker parking lot and trails from March 1 to May 22.
  2. Close all access to Canoe Meadows parking lot and trails and campground from March 1 to July 1. 

The only access and parking will be at the Barrier Information Centre. Parking along the highway or in the road allowance will not be allowed. You will be able to walk upstream to Hollywood Hole or downstream to the race course take out along the Widowmaker Trail and the RiverWalk but no access will be available in the construction zone.

Please see the attached file for information on what the construction plan is and how to Alberta Parks is managing this project.

You can also get more information on the closure online at:


AB Parks Notice of Closure 1.pdf

AB Parks Notice of Closure map.pdf