Member Survey

The AWA has undergone organizational changes in the last few months and as part of the strategic planning for the future of the organization, we would like to reach out to our members to get feedback and comments for what you value and would like to see from the AWA. At the last few AGMs, there have been many comments and discussions about what value the AWA provides to its members and fees associated with this. As a limited resource organization, both financially with funding and with available working hours of the volunteer board and contract positions, we need to understand what areas we should focus on spending these resources. 


We have made a survey (see link below) as a consultation tool for this. The results from this survey will help the board in the planning for future compensated positions, board positions and responsibilities, and general areas to focus on as an organization. 


We are requesting responses by August 29th. As members of our organization, we greatly value your responses and think it is important to hear from you as we move forward.


Survey Link: 

Note: a google email is required for the survey - please email if you have any technical issues with the google form. 

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