Parks Closure and Covid19

A note to all paddlers:

Jason Kenney has announced closure for vehicle access to all provincial parks due to the COVID-19 virus. All National Parks are also closed for recreational activities.

Please respect the closure & stay safe and healthy.

If you chose to paddle elsewhere, please be aware that search and rescue, walk in clinics, and hospitals are under increasing pressure, and any possible rescues or treatments puts their members at a higher risk of infection.

Whitewater kayaking typically often involves shuttling, which is nearly impossible to do while maintaining a 2 m social distance. Furthermore, if you require a rescue from a fellow boater due to a swim, you put both your rescuer(s) and yourself at risk.

Please continue to enjoy the outdoors while adhering to all restrictions and recommendations put out by the Alberta government and World Health Organization. Stay healthy, stay safe and help prevent the COVID-19 spread. We will see you on the river post-pandemic.