Re-certification Courses

Target Audience: Course specific; coaches/instructors who have previously taken the full course and who wish to remain certified

Course Duration: Course specific, typically one to two days, approx. half the original course time


  • Provincial or territorial paddle sports association member
  • Minimum age 16 years or 18 dependent upon level of course
  • Must have documentation of having previously taken the full course
  • Documentation of having taken an equivalent course in another jurisdiction may be acceptable, but should be confirmed with Learning Facilitator prior to the course
  • Standard First Aid and CPR certification may be required
  • Swiftwater Rescue and Safety Certification may be required

Environment: Course specific

Course Outline:

  • Administration and program overview
  • Risk management
  • Teaching methodology
  • Course content (curricula) and required competencies review
  • Practical demonstrations of knowledge/skills
  • Other as required, course specific

 Course Fee: course specific

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  • Coach Canada
  • La Farge
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