Pool & Lake Instructor Course - Edmonton

Kayak Pool & Lake Instructor Course - Edmonton

Hosted by Ceyana Canoe Club 

Canoe Kayak Canada (CKC) is the governing body of competitive canoe sport in Canada and provides the National Coaching Certification Program White Water paddling instructor/coach/leader programs.  CKC Kayak Instructor 1 is the entry level, and once trained candidates can teach kayak in pools, ponds and sheltered lake waters.  Like all NCCP programs at each level candidates are trained, are required to teach, coach or lead and to ultimately must complete an evaluation to become fully certified.   Prerequisites for this program are a to be a modestly skilled flat water kayaker (Duffeck stroke?),  and to have been introduced to the kayak rolling progression.  To become full trained for lake instruction candidates must be able to roll a kayak.  Non-rollers maybe be trained for pool and pond instruction.  This course includes a number of required NCCP theory sessions (Ethics, Teaching & Learning, Course Planning, & Risk Management) plus skills review with teaching progressions, leading equipment discussions and practice peer teaching session(s). 

In 2023 CKC/AWA expect to roll out a moving water paddling instructional component to this course.  It is expected that it will require an additional day to complete and at least initially may be offered as a stand along clinic for certified Level 1kayak Instructors.

The course outline is is follows:

1. Friday 23rd June - MacEwan U classroom session -> 5:30 to 7:30pm (you are welcome to bring your supper and eat during the classroom session)

2. Friday 23rd June - MacEwan U pool session -> 8:00pm to 10pm

3. Saturday 24th June - RPPC pond session -> 10:00 AM

4. Saturday 24th June - MacEwan U classroom session -> 2:30 to 4:30pm 

5. Saturday 24th June - MacEwan U pool session 5:00pm to 7:00pm (this session will be largely devoted to rolling) 

6. Sunday 25th June - RPPC Pond -  practice peer teaching  10:00 AM Start

Kayaks & paddling gear, is available at both the MacEwan pool, and at RPPC.  Candidates may bring their own boats and gear, but they must be clean, and cleaned again on deck prior to each pool session.  Candidates are responsible for their personal swim and paddling gear, and travel between MacEwan U and RPPC (car pooling is encouraged).  The tentative Course fee includes our pool, classroom, equipment, and instructor expenses, and CKC registry fees ($120)  Presently Mark Lund is the scheduled Learning Facilitator.

Ceyana CC members who volunteer regularly at our Tuesday RPPC sessions, or teach kayaking for the club are eligible to apply for a 50% course subsidy on successful completion of the course.  If you have questions <lundmer@gmail.com>

* Times may shift slightly you will be notified of any changes prior to the session start.

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